What is

Hybrid AM manufacture with metal laser processing and high-speed milling

The LUMEX series repeats metal laser processing and high-speed, high-precision milling to form metal powder into shapes and makes deep ribs in a single process without EDMs. Dimensional accuracy and comparable to machining centers is achieved.

  • 1.Powder Distribution

    Metal powder is distributed spread out* on the base plate installed on the table.

    * 0.05-mm thick for 500 W laser * 0.1-mm thick for 1 kW laser

  • 2. Laser Processing

    Laser processing solidifies the powder layer on the processing table. When processing is finished, the processing table is lowered and metal powder for the next layer is distributed by the distribution unit. The laser then irradiates this powder to complete the next layer. The processes 1 and 2 are repeated 10 times and then milling starts.

  • 3. Milling

    The outer surface of the built part is precision finished at a high speed with a ball endmill. Milling is performed when not after all layers have been completed but during build, after each preset number of layers. This hybrid, layer build process enables manufacture of parts with complicated internal structures.

Processing techniques

High-speed MAXIA spindle

Equipped with Matsuura's time-proven high-speed, high-rigidity grease lubricated spindle that rotates at 45,000 min-1 and a 1/10 taper special BT20 tool shank.


Back-taper shaped parts can be produced. After sintering up to layer C, the α area which is at a distance β can be finished.

Step Machining Process[Patent No. 4452692]

By repeating processes of “laser processing → semi-finishing → finishing”, discoloration of the finish surface as well as steps which may occur between a milled layer and a laser processed layer due to heat shrinkage can be prevented. This function is newly developed and named “Step Machining Process”. Fine finishes with high precision can be achieved.

Pre-Milling Powder Suction

By removing metal powder around the built part before starting milling,a faster milling speed and a large-diameter tool can be used to shorten the milling time. At the same time, surface finish is improved with less tool wear, enabling efficient manufacture.

※For ferrous powders only

※Panasonic Corporation owns a patent regarding the “pre-milling powder suction function”.


Material Name
Maraging Steel Material Matsuura Maraging Ⅱ
Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Matsuura Titanium 6Al4V(*1、*2)
Stainless Steel 630 Matsuura Stainless 630
Stainless Steel 316L Matsuura Stainless 316L
Cobalt Chrome Superalloy Matsuura Cobalt Chrome
Nickel Alloy 718 Matsuura Nickel Alloy 718
NEW!   AISi10Mg NEW!   Matsuura AISi10Mg(*2)

※Use only specified sintering materials. Order required sintering materials from Matsuura Machinery Corporation.
* When using titanium powders, select the option for titanium powders
*1 Argon gas is required.
*2 In case for application of Titanium, select the option of Titanium Specification.

  • 驚きの造形機能 LUMEX Avance-25の特徴
  • サンプルワーク
  • 新たな成形ソリューションを提供
  • 金属光造形複合加工とは?

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