Sample Works

Matsuura’s manufacturing
as we learn from sample workpieces

You can see a sample work on Matsuura’s original technology and Matsuura’s production, including introductions to our products.

Mold Making

The LUMEX Series is a standalone machine that manufactures high-function dies in a single process that includes cooling water pipes placed three dimensionally inside the dies. The dies manufactured by the LUMEX Series are the same as those manufactured by machining centers in dimensional precision, surface smoothness and life. The LUMEX Series also performs surface treatment, such as nitride treatment and embossed treatment. The LUMEX Series significantly improves the precision of injection molding and molding cycle shortening.

Part Product

Integrated cooling channels can be built and lightweight parts created by incorporating mesh structures or internal hollow blades. With simultaneous milling and laser processing, ensuring surface milling of undercut portions.

Molding products of 3D

The LUMEX Series makes it possible to mold products in shapes that cannot be formed in conventional methods, including: products with deep ribs; 3D meshes; hollows; free-form surfaces; or porous structures built in a single process. The LUMEX Series can be used to manufacture customized products, such as artificial bones.


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